Reboot Democracy
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Reboot Democracy

About Us

Reboot Democracy leverages the very best innovation techniques to help people break out of their echo chambers and create tools to revolutionize political engagement.

Our country is deeply divided and our democratic system is broken. Citizens feel unheard and disempowered.  

The great news is, we've never been more motivated to make substantial change.

How we got started:

Reboot Democracy began as a hackathon in 2016. It was designed to bring together a group of diverse, motivated people -- best and brightest of Silicon Valley-- and create the environment for them to tackle the many problems of democracy. The results were innovative, inspiring, and sometimes off-the-wall. The potential for impact was palpable, and the need for ongoing support was obvious.

To date, Reboot Democracy has mobilized over 750+ participants via hackathons, workshops, and pitch events bridging the technical and political spheres. 

What's Next:

Reboot Democracy is creating a comprehensive ecosystem of support for early-stage innovators who are building technology to strengthen democracy. 

The organization helps funders and legacy organizations gain visibility into the blossoming democracy tech ecosystem in order to connect, collaborate, and prioritize investments, and links innovators with the investment and support they need to bring their ideas to life.

Reboot Democracy is a call to action.