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March 28th, 2018 @, 41 Union Square West, New York City

Early stage project teams will share what they are working on, we’ll hear from a diverse group of expert speakers, and then we’ll open up the mic to anyone who wants to pitch an idea they are excited about before we break into networking.

If you'd like to present what you are working on in the project showcase of our next event, contact us at!



November 28th, 6pm @ The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, New York City

In November we teamed up with Harmony Labs and The Brown Institute for Media Innovation for an event focused on improving the spread of information in our democratic system. Project Ratio, Buoy Up, The Lamp,, and Open Progress shared their projects, and we heard from Alexis Wichowski (Press Secretary & Sr. Advisor at NYC Department of Veterans' Services), James Slezak (Founder of Swayable, Founder and Managing Partner of the New Economy Lab, Former VP and Chief of Operations of the NYT Global, Founding Partner of Purpose), Peter Koechley (Co-founder Upworthy, formerly with MoveOn and the Onion digital), and Mark Hansen (Director, Brown Institute for Media Innovation and Professor of Journalism, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism). Then we heard some open mic pitches and broke into networking.


August 9th, 6pm @ Civic Hall - 118 West 22nd Street, New York City

In August we teamed up with Civic Hall to host a discussion on how to increase citizen engagement in our democratic system. The innovators behind Hope, g0v, CommonPlace, Defiant, and Action Map shared the projects they are working on, we heard from a diverse group of speakers, and then we opened up the mic to the room to pitch ideas before we broke into networking.


May 16th, 6pm @ Covo - 981 Mission Street, San Francisco

In May we teamed up with The Arena and CHORUS to discuss Running for Office and Election Technology. Teams shared the projects they are working on, we heard from a diverse group of speakers, and we opened up the mic for quick pitches before we kicked off the networking portion of the evening.


Jan 25th, 6:30pm @ Pivotal Labs - 875 Howard St, San Francisco

At the Reboot Democracy Reunion we hosted: 
1) A showcase of the progress that has been made by various hackathon teams
2) Speakers Jacky Chang (Hillary for America), David Evan Harris (Chancellor's Public Scholar, UC Berkeley; Founder, Governance Futures Lab, Institute for the Future), Keith Hiatt (VP of Human Rights Program Benetech), and Chris Jerdonek (President of San Francisco Elections Commission; Co-founder of Shotwell Labs) shared their experience in the tech+policy/gov space--lessons learned and ideas for ways to make a difference
3) Networking – an opportunity to connect with others and continue building the future


Reboot Democracy Hackathon

December 9-11, @ 500 Startups, San Francisco

The Reboot Democracy Hackathon is a non-partisan call to action for people inspired to use technology to build scalable tools that increase citizen education and participation in government, and transform our political system into one that is truly representative and responsive to its citizens. All are welcome, from engineers, designers, product managers, business-people, marketers, investors, etc.



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